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"My" anxiety

"My" anxiety
Remember all of that hype about breathing and taking it all in stride I spewed yesterday? Well I've been awake since 2am stressed about this big move of ours. We head up today to get the keys and now it's real. So after an hour of laying and NOT breathing, I got up to let you know. It's not easy. This whole living thing is hard. That doesn't change but I sat and took some breaths and scrolled through some photos of our new town and I'm okay. Hopefully Lisa won't read this.

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"Your" anxiety

"Your" anxiety
Stop personalizing anxiety. I don’t recall how or if we talked about anxiety when I was younger but it seems the new trend is to personalize it. “My anxiety”. I hear this constantly now... Continue reading

Gold Country

Gold Country
Bittersweet is probably the best word for it. I was born and raised in Southern California and Lisa has been here for the majority of her life (she was born in Northern Ca but moved here when she was four) but, the cost of living here has finally pushed us out... Continue reading


Take any living mammal and put it in a box. Keep it in that box for 8-10 hours a day. you can let it out for an hour in that time period, if you choose but, what will most likely happen is it will decide to stay in the box and “relax”... Continue reading

Sapiens | Ch. 3 Hydrate

The second necessity in line. Water. You have about three days without this much needed element, and three miserable days they will be... Continue reading

Sapiens | Ch. 2 - Breathe

We are mammals. Hopefully that doesn't stir up controversy of any kind. More specifically, we are human mammals. And even more down to it...we are Homosapiens... Continue reading

Sapiens | Chapter 1

I love this coin because I love us. We all came from the same place and slowly branched away from one another creating a beautiful variety of us all over the globe. We are, and always have been, in a constant cycle of surviving, thriving and creating. Continue reading

Black Friday...nope

Remember when Black Friday was on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving)? It was a whole thing. Consumers waited patiently with bated breath.

Not too many years ago this slow burn started to happen. Some brilliant marketer decided to stretch the Black Friday to Cyber Monday (don't quote memory is fuzzy).

Companies followed...

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Two daughters of the step kind...

I've been a step father, for lack of a better term, for around 10 years now. Honestly, I didn't plan on that when I started dating my wife and I'm not really sure why. Probably some insight to my level of emotional maturity at the time. To be fair, they didn't consider me a step father so it was an easy conclusion for me. In the beginning, I was just a guy that was hanging around and taking that part of my duty with a grain of salt... Continue reading


For years I've heard the United States referred to as a "melting pot". The idea being that it's made up of many different cultures blending as one. I never gave it much thought... Continue reading