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    A flashback to the 70's

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    A little history on how we began.

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    • July 02, 2021 Balance
      For years I've heard the United States referred to as a "melting pot". The idea being that it's made up of many different cultures blending as one. I never gave it much thought...
    • June 18, 2021 Don't quit yer day job...
      Before there was J. L. Lawson & Co., I had a small jewelry line I was trying to build. I had a cool brand name, logo, imagery, website with decent sales, good sales with a local retail store and some online stores. I learned the basics of jewelry making and had some pretty cool and mildly popular pieces with a small newsletter following of about 800 people...
    • June 11, 2021 Pop's Tops
      Memory is a funny thing. It's rarely 100% accurate although you'd swear on your life that it was. My vivid memory of my dad's first batch of tops took place in December of 2012 because it was for that holiday season. When combing through the photos, I discovered that it was late August that they arrived. What I do remember clearly is being blown away and calling him immediately...
    • June 04, 2021 Be an Eagle
      Ten years ago this month, I started a thing with my dad. It wasn't a big thing, just a cool way to spend some time and make him some extra money. In short, if it weren't for my dad, this business would have never been. Six and a half years later, he got hit with cancer of multiple types. Eight months after that, he was gone. Those of you that have been around already know this story but I figure it's worth repeating on the ten year anniversary of J. L. L....