"Hello! I received my Event Horizon coin yesterday and it's fantastic. The quality of the workmanship is beautiful and the spin time is incredible! I just wanted to give you a big thank you for your service and care."


"Package was received and I absolutely love the workmanship and aesthetic of these tops. Many thanks!"


"The new brass (stunt) top arrived and I am tossing it all over the living room. Yoshimi, my cat, thinks it’s awesome.  I think you should make a game like curling or shuffleboard for these, you can really chuck them!"


"The titanium Centre Spin is sublime. The more I play with it, the more I appreciate it.  The more I appreciate it, the fonder I feel about it.  Thanks so much for your authentic vision and expert implementation."


"I'm just shooting you this message from Luxembourg to tell you how much I appreciate your work.  The metal top collection that decorates my desk wouldn't be the same without you.  So thank you very much for the quality and craftsmanship."


"My True North spin coin finally made its way through customs today. Colour me seriously impressed! A fantastic piece of work. So too is the copper ‘standard’ spin coin I got through Huckberry.com. Many thanks for crafting these fantastic little pieces—I’m very happy with both!"


"Received my spinner today. Craftsmanship was GREAT and felt good to hold. My first spin was 3.42 minutes. I'm 65 years old and this is the first top I've had since I was a child. I forgot how magical they are."


"I just got my order, and as always with you guys, everything is exactly as I hoped for. You do make some spectacular items.

This time you also included a copper bead and an apology for the package being late. I appreciate the apology, and I love the bead. I have actually been looking for a copper bead for the last few weeks and have not found one I really liked. The one you sent me is just what I have been looking for.  Thank you so much. You have more than made up for the minor delay in shipment."


"It's obvious I love your stuff, but I very much appreciate the notes of, well, appreciation and the extras you included.  Opening everything with my son was a blast (gave him the extras which he adored).  Keep up the excellent work...and thanks!"


"Just wanted to say how much I love this true north coin-- it's my first coin and I'm loving it! Going to be edc this one for some time to come! Great work and thanks!"


"I just received my second top today. It is magnificent ! Thank you very much for your perfect work. I hope soon to buy you an other one."


"I received my top in the mail today and I was still able to get an 8:50 spin time with my pretty mediocre spin skill!  Hardly any hula hooping at all, and the top quickly found its center and became rock steady.  I can tell that this is going to be a pretty fantastic spinner!  And let's not forget...this top is beautiful.  I love the somewhat rustic look of the copper surrounding the satin titanium stem.  You've done an awesome job with this top, Anthony!  I love it!"


"Just wanted to let you know that both tops arrived today and they are AWESOME!  The craftsmanship is impeccable.  Thanks again for the quick shipping."


"Got The Copper Top today, and Michelle loves it Bro!!! First cell phone test spin.....8 minutes!"


"I just received my order and could not be happier with the quality and beauty of the wonderful tops.
I will be a repeat customer."


"I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding tops! Especially the Copper Top | 5-205 LE, the craftsmanship is stellar and I get easy 10 minute spins out of it. Looking forward to acquire more in the future."


"Here at DreamWorks Animation, brainstorming meetings never seem to get started without a few spins of a Lawson top!  Currently, I’m hammering out the beats of a new movie with a great creative team, and we sit around the table spinning ideas and tops."

Tim J.

"Thanks for the fantastic product. I look forward to many years of functionality and will certainly be showing it to my friends."


"I received the new top yesterday.  You have outdone yourself.  The multi-material tops take your work to the next level.  The traditional tops are wonderfully designed and produced.  However, the use of multiple materials gives the new tops a more artsy feel - almost like jewelry or sculpture."


"The top is beautiful. I have already gotten an 8:23 just spinning it on a CD case.
Thank you very much. I love both of the items and plan to get more for gifts, etc in the future."


"Got the bronze top yesterday.  It's a beauty!
I love the color, weight, and machining which is styled very differently from the more standard tops."


"I didn't take a video, so I suppose I have no way to prove it besides my word, but I just got 11:24 (!!) with my Brass 4-803 LE purchased from Huckberry. Some of my buddies were giving me a hard time for spending so much on a tiny little top, but once they saw that spin I smiled as they fought to be the next to give it a go. Beautiful craftsmanship, cheers. "


"I'm about to make another order for the Minis and wanted to take a very brief moment to share my appreciation for your work.  Looking forward to receiving my spin tray, and whatever else may follow."


"You might find the back story for this Christmas present for my husband amusing....when we first started seeing each other, he bitched and moaned about the cheap corkscrew I used.  So that Christmas and everyone thereafter he has received a new and different corkscrew for Christmas.  After a while it is getting more and more difficult to find new ones.  Yours will be the 20th anniversary edition.  Very special.  Thanks. "


"The EDC top I ordered arrived today. I'm totally entranced. Absolutely brilliant workmanship, it looks like a work of art. Spins for >5 minutes on my first try.
I made the purchase on a whim and I'm way more pleased than I expected to be. Worth every dollar.
I just want to wish you and your family the very best, I'm proud to own something of this quality."


"I just wanted to let you know that I received my EDC top yesterday. It is just lovely and well worth the wait. Thanks so much for the hard work and quality you bring to your project. The little leather bag is a very nice touch as well."


"Tremendous! Just received my Brass 142.514 - Limited Edition. It is a work of art.  And, you're right: this is now a family heirloom.  I look forward to opening many fine beers with this opener now, and in five years when my son turns 21.  Thank you for your attention to detail and the advancement of the American spirit. I can't wait until your next innovation that I cannot live without..."


"I am a surgeon and am giving your tops to my partners as a symbol of quality and durability.  I’m so impressed by the precision work that you do - thanks for that."


"Hey guys, just received my keychain in the mail and I absolutely love it. The entire experience, from ordering, to the packaging, was fantastic. I will absolutely recommend this brand and thanks so much for a great product!"


"I received the letter opener today, and I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am. Really exceeded my expectations. An heirloom piece."


"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything! I got the package in perfect time and the pieces were perfect!!"


"Thank you once again for your rapid and excellent customer service, as if I needed another reason to be impressed with the Lawson brand."


"Absolutely love it, it's amazing, beautiful, cool, perfect, a real piece of art, awesome (referring to custom top). You could not have made me more happy, thank you for that."


"You guys keep up the good work and I appreciate your customer service. I get a lot of compliments on my JL stuff and tell them you guys can't be beat!"


"Thanks very much. You have one of those rare storefronts where I want one of everything - looking forward to it."


"Thanks for your awesome service.  I'll pass the word"


"My mum received her gift and was delighted... when I suggested to turn over the base, she noticed the personalized message and become quite emotional - and almost cried.  It was a very touching moment - thank you!"


"The kind of work J.L.Lawson does is absolutely unique! Understanding the complexity of metalwork when the metal is melted is one thing.  Understanding how to actually cut through solid brass and steel to create the elegant curves and shapes that Floyd & Anthony create in their work is nothing short of astonishing. When the cufflinks I ordered arrived they were even more beautiful than the pictures. This work is  sculpture of the highest order and I can't wait to  order more!" 

Marla Aaron


"Just got my order today, surpassed my expectations! Great work!"


"Hi! I received my new opener...all I can say is, "WOW!" It truly is amazing. I saw the specs, but didn't think about them too much. I've actually been looking at a couple, including the Mini and Sequel. I'm amazed at the thickness. You truly made the bottle opener a piece of art. I don't think I can actually use it - I don't want to damage it."


“Hey Anthony! The EDC top you sent is a crazy spinner! Having a spinning contest at the family gathering.  Regularly goes over 3″ on a good spin and we’ve had one 4:55″ and one spectacular 5:16″!! God’s honest truth!  Thanks to you guys for making such swell tops!”

L and family

“Just wanted to let you know that we are all enjoying the tops and we may have a new record for you.  We actually got one to spin for 3:45 minutes!  We continue to try “top” 4 minutes, but thus far have not been able to do so.  We’re having fun trying.  I’ll keep you posted.”


“The top is for my 86 year old mother who has quite the top collection. I have been buying her artistic lathe turned wood tops for years, but this will be her first turned brass one. Can’t wait to see it and try it.”


“I’ve recently acquired my first top from your shop, and am delighted with what I got from the grab bag! I can only barely hold off from buying another one.”


“Great work you’re doing! Even better that you get to share the experience with your father. My dad passed away a few months ago. We also shared several hours in the shop together building hot rods and custom built motorized bicycles. The top is for my nephew that will be going into the Marines this January. It’s meant to be an heirloom that represents the three generations of my father, nephew and myself, hence why I picked the three tier design.”


“Wanted to let you know the order came out perfectly and the openers are a big hit with the guys (groomsmen).  Thank you very much for your hard work and attention to detail. Wish you all the best”


“Just wanted to thank you for your updates and communication! I received the piece and its fantastic! I’m incredibly satisfied and the wait was more than worth it! Again, thanks for everything!”

Alberto A

“The service & personability of your company set it apart from every company I’ve encountered before…this is how businesses used to be run.  Every aspect of J. L. Lawson & Co. strikes me as modern, yet classic and definitely timeless.”

Nathan B.

“I received my order yesterday, THANK YOU!!! These are some very interesting items, I love them! Thanks for keeping me in the loop on the process!”


“I just received the Incognito keychain bottle opener from the Cool Material website and I am very impressed with your work.  Very nice!  I was so impressed that I ordered the Sequel on your site as well.  Thank you for a very nice product that is going to see quite a bit of use!  I am looking forward to seeing the Sequel!”

Take care,

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