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J. Tree tales, part...

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J. Tree tales, part...

Memory is funny. I have fond memories of Joshua Tree from my childhood but if I were really forced to sit down and hash it out, my sister and I were bored pretty much the majority of the time. I had a daily checklist I'd go through...BB gun, hang out in the gully, Lincoln Logs/army men and sometimes the Peanuts puzzle. Not actual peanuts but a Peanuts puzzle with a missing piece. No other puzzles...just that one.

I hadn't seen the box for decades but, after my Grams passed (and the tweaker/looters were done) we found this box. The photo is the same box from my childhood. It was under the bed in the guest bedroom for decades. I'm not sure whose they were but either my dads or one of my uncles when they were kids. I can't say that we were over the moon playing with them, just curing some boredom and getting out of the heat but the feeling of the memory gives me joy. I guess that's just how it works.

When I started going through the box, I was surprised out how fidgety the little connectors were. I then thought.."dang...what if I cut it in half and put some magnets in?". So I did and my suspicions were confirmed and I made another thing.

Fidget Log