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The Inventor and The Machine...

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Years ago, maybe 20 or so, an old timer approached my dad about a project. My dad dubbed him, "The Inventor". It turns out that this unassuming Inventor from somewhere in the desert was way ahead of his time. You see, he brought my dad plans to a perpetual motion machine that was going to change the world as we know it....obviously.

One of the problems, aside from the obvious, was that this reclusive genius didn't have much money so he would bring my dad $40-100 and say, "just get as far as you can with this". My dad would and it would be months before he'd hear from him again. I can't recall how long this went on but I'd guess at least 10 years.

After so many years, the Inventor stopped showing up. Our guess was that he passed away but there was no way of finding out as we didn't even know his full name or where he lived.

Here's the crazy worked.

You heard me right. It worked.

There was just one minor issue, you had to attach a motor to it in order to keep it going.