Black Friday...nope

Remember when Black Friday was on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving)? It was a whole thing. Consumers waited patiently with bated breath.

Not too many years ago this slow burn started to happen. Some brilliant marketer decided to stretch the Black Friday to Cyber Monday (don't quote memory is fuzzy).

Companies followed.

The next guy stretched it to a week...then a month. We now have an entire month of Black Friday sales. I'm not a fan. In fact, I don't do Black Friday sales at all. Simply put, I don't have any product that I can offer at a large discount so it's wasted on me. Honestly, I don't know how these small companies do it. Maybe they have a huge profit margin built into their standard pricing or maybe they are hoping to make it up with quantity. In any case, rest assured, you won't be missing out on a huge Black Friday sale from me. Just business as usual. That said, I have a pretty exciting fidgety, magnety, addicting(y) product launching guessed it...Black Friday. The real one.

Thanks for letting me rant again.



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