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About Us

Jimmie Leonard Lawson
My grandfather believed in working hard for an honest wage to provide for his family. He was a machinist by trade and in 1950 opened his first machine shop in Carson, Ca. He apprenticed his three sons in this shop and ultimately opened a new shop with his sons called Lawsons. After many successful years they closed up shop and my grandfather moved out to Joshua Tree, Ca. and worked from his garage until the day he died. My father, Floyd Lawson, has carried on the tradition of machining by hand from that same garage in Joshua Tree and is now teaching me the trade. Together we are creating high quality, metal goods that will be passed down for generations.


Floyd Allen Lawson

My father learned the machining trade from my grandfather when he was a teenager and has been in the industry ever since.  He, like my grandfather, does everything manually without the assistance of CNC computer technology.  In fact, my dad doesn't even own a computer and, unless I force the issue, he probably never will.  A trait that I secretly admire.  When I approached my dad about creating this line with the added possibility of teaching me the trade he was genuinely excited.  Every piece is created with the same amount of patience and care, the final result being not just a piece of jewelry or accessory but a piece that you will pass down to your grandchildren.


Anthony Allen Lawson

My formal education is in photography and over the years added graphic design and product design to my resume.  For the last couple of years my dad has been teaching me the machining trade although I don't consider myself a machinist by any stretch of the imagination.