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Sapiens | Chapter 1

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I love this coin because I love us. We all came from the same place and slowly branched away from one another creating a beautiful variety of us all over the globe. We are, and always have been, in a constant cycle of surviving, thriving and creating. In recent decades, our technology has gotten so advanced that we can connect with any culture around the world at any time. I find this wonderful and tragic at the same time. We can't seem to agree to disagree which leads to folks trying to control the whole damn thing because they know what's best.

And now, I'm stuck...this is where I get stuck every time because I don't think there's a solution. Is it possible that there isn't a solution because there isn't a problem? I'm not saying there are no problems in the world. We are all dealing with our own problems and the problems of others on a daily basis. What I'm saying is that we are Homo sapiens and this is what we do. We can keep battling over who is right and who is wrong (which we will) and we'll never get a definitive solution because there isn't one. When I say there isn't "one", I mean that literally. There isn't one solution. There are infinite answers from different perspectives and we are back at square one. Who has the "right" answer and all of the information required in order to come up with that answer?

Homo sapiens have survived, thrived and created for thousands of years. Thousands and thousands of years. We will continue doing just that until we don't but we need to accept that we aren't right, we just are.