Sobriety Stone


Years Sober


I've had many requests for a sobriety coin I felt like there were many options out there and I don't like the idea of profiting from addiction. Recently I had a new friend share some personal challenges so I was inspired to design one for her son.

This coin is now holding you accountable. When you hit the next year milestone, contact us and we will replace it for free. My hope is that over the years we are losing money on these.

If you're beyond the three year mark, choose "more than 3" and write the year in notes at checkout.

If you're struggling with finances and you think this coin will benefit you with your struggles with addiction, please contact us and we will work something out.


The Phoenix - Rebirth and transformation; rise from the ashes
Flower of Life - creation and cycles of life, death, and rebirth
Inscribed Triangle - Triangle represents strength, willpower & hope; Circle represents community support.
The Lotus - Stay strong through periods of struggle
Yin/Yang - Restore balance and harmony within
Quote - Inspiration from Albert Camus

Precision CNC machined and deep laser engraved in California from solid Brass.

1.5" diameter x .25" thick

Lisa's story is longer and better so click here for the full read.

Anthony's story
I'm not a stranger to the addicting quality of drugs and alcohol. "Runs in the family" but I'd argue it runs in the species. Existing is a daily struggle and it's easy to look for a quick solution to numb that struggle. For most of us, it starts innocently enough with our peer group but evolves into a way to relax or a reward at the end of a hard day to a way to cope with daily struggles. The story may not be the same for everyone but it ends up being the same for everyone. To be clear, I'm not for banning anything but I do believe that drugs and alcohol are poison to the mind and body...but so is sugar and fast food. If you're the type that can have an occasional drink and have it not impact you or your loved ones negatively, go for it. I happen to be this type of person but it's a slippery slope. One drink a night for a few nights in a row and the struggle ensues so I cut myself off for weeks, if not months. I finished that sentence and walked away for a moment because I had to ask myself a question...if having a few drinks causes a problem of wanting it daily, what am I doing drinking at all? Some self reflection is in order.

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Sobriety Stone