The Move Forward Coin


Move Forward is the perfect book end to my (Lisa) Passing Coin. I was broken when creating the Passing Coin, and now, I am healing, I feel lighter, I am moving forward. Moving forward from something that has broken you is not easy. We walk on our own paths through this thing called life, if we can just take a few steps moving forward, maybe we can finally walk away from the pain of our past, and towards the future that will be full of healing and peace. 

I chose a cherry blossom to be placed on the back of the coin, a symbolic flower of Spring, representing rebirth, renewal, and new beginnings. As always, I have placed three stars above the tree always representing myself and my two girls, Siena and Isabella.




Minted in Arkansas

Metal: Solid Bronze, Solid Copper or .999 Fine Silver

Size: app. 1" diameter
         app. 1/8" thick

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