Labyrinth Stone



The labyrinth can be seen as an archetypal symbol of the psyche and of what C. G. Jung called the individuation process: that twisty, unpredictable, tortuous, serpentine path toward wholeness and authenticity. The goal is to reach the center, the Self, the core of our being.

The Labyrinth Stone is a worry stone with an added bonus. Trace your way to relaxation...oooooo

CNC machined from solid Brass or Copper

1.5" diameter x .25" thick

Brass and Copper app. 40-45 grams

Grade 5 Titanium app. 20 grams

Mokume is forged by hand from Brass, Copper and Nickel Silver and will vary per coin.

So soothing to the touch

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Labyrinth Stone