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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of driving to my grandmothers house to find that it had been ransacked by no integrity morons. For those of you that don't know, my grandparents moved out to Joshua Tree in the 70's. The garage for this little house became my grandfathers new shop which also turned into my dad's shop when he moved out there in the 80's. This is the little shop that my grandfather and dad worked in until they died and is the shop that this little business started in. It's been a process dealing with the house and the shop since my dad and grandmother died in recent months so walking into the disaster I found yesterday was fairly devastating. I knew something was wrong immediately when I heard the cooler was running in both the house and the shop (swamp coolers are a common thing out there..miserable when it's humid). I went inside hammer a blazin' hoping to find someone still lingering. What I found instead were decades of memories scattered and destroyed throughout the house and shop. Scumbags. I really want to know what kind of people can post up in another families home, turn on the air because they got hot, dump photos and personal belongings of generations and roll on out with little to nothing to show for it. I obviously know what kind of people these are but it's just so unreal to me. I suppose the myriad of life events that led these people to this crime are endless and not worth dwelling over but it's difficult not to. There is no justice to be served here...the violation has been made and can't be taken back. It's out there never to be changed or fixed but I'd still love to invite them over to have a chat about it.