Routine repetition...

One of the most interesting challenges we faced during our recent move was losing our daily routine. It's bizarre to me how thrown off you can be when you can't find the kitchen knives or your daily meals are all over the place. Not sure why I just focused on food there but the point is made. What's even more bizarre to me is how we hate repetition. People are constantly complaining about having to do the same thing over and over again whether it be their job or any other mundane daily activity. So we need a routine but we hate repetition. How is it that this has never crossed my mind until recently? No idea what the solution is here, I guess it's just another problem with being human. In an effort to keep a routine but avoid the mundane activities of day to day life, I've started breaking up the day with random tasks or activities that I enjoy. I used to love photography so I took a photo of a sunset for you guys that I will never do anything with other than post here. This is also part of why I gave up on photography. I never did anything with the images. In fact, I have rolls and rolls (and some sheets) of film that have never been developed and I have no desire to develop them. I just loved taking the photos but, because I didn't see the purpose, I stopped doing it. Now I see the purpose.

Still haven't found our kitchen knives. Potatoes have been brutal.

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