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Just a little something...

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A few days ago, my 17 year old step-daughter was on her phone (as per usual) and suddenly said, "I need to get my credit card!" Please note that this is her debit card to her own bank account that is money that she has earned at her hostess job. Being the cynical step pop that I am, I said, "what are you buying?" and she replied, "I'm not buying anything, I'm donating to help the animals in Australia".

So my teenage step was donating, I'm guessing, 10% of all the money she had to help those folks and I've done zero, nothing, nada, zip, zilch...

The next morning I made a personal donation to the Red Cross and promised her that I would donate 20% of my sales this weekend. I don't generally do this sort of thing because I hate to come off as having an agenda. i.e. share some profit with charity in order to boost sales. I assure you that this isn't that. If I was just trying to boost sales I could throw out a 20% off discount code, make the same amount of profit and likely get more sales than I will with this push.

Rather than saying something like 50% of profits will be donated, I'm going to donate 20% of sales. Meaning, if you spend $100, I'm sending $20. I make most of my products so it's challenging to say how much of it is "profit". This will keep me honest, be roughly the same amount and you guys will know exactly how much of your money is going to help the kangaroo in the photo below (I mean, have you seen a sadder photo of a kangaroo?)

You can also just donate directly if you haven't already. I did a little research and will be splitting my donation between...

Red Cross &

The only negative on my end is that I'm already doing what I said I wasn't going to do and that's sell product before it's made, but this is a time sensitive issue and just wanted to get it out there. For this reason, some of your orders will take about a week to ship. I released a new Mystery Box for this purpose but anything on the Available page will apply and goes through the weekend.

Mystery Box or any Available Goods.

I'm not sure that my little donation will have the slightest effect on what's happening over there but it's better than doing nothing. It's easy to say that it's not my problem and I have my own problems and if I helped everyone in need I'd be in debt, but this little world of ours is getting smaller and if we don't start looking at it like one place that we all have to protect and support, things are only going to get exponentially worse. I'm not into conspiracy theories or doomsday prophecies but something is happening that is very difficult to deny. We need to do whatever we can to support one another rather that trying to hang onto what little we have. I feel a tangent coming on so going to stop it here and save it for another day.

As always, thank you all for your support.