Deer Hobbling

I'm starting to realize that I've been hobbling my dear wife. See what I did there? With the title and the photo? Clever, eh? may or may not have noticed that I have some obsessive tendencies and I finally came to the conclusion that I've been micro-managing the hell out of Lisa since she started working with the biz a few years ago. The good news is that she clearly showed how much she must love me to put up with it. I mean, I couldn't seem to give her the most basic task without hovering around her like a psycho to make sure it was done "right". It's not that I don't trust her abilities. Not at all. She's highly intelligent, personable, organized, creative and real perdy too (bonus). In my defense, let me just walk you through the timeline...

2011 - I started messing around with this idea but mostly just hanging out with my dad and helping him make some side cash.

2012-2014 - The business was slowly growing but still really manageable for one person. My dad never had anything to do with the business side. He would make cool stuff when he felt like it and I would sell it :)

2014-2018ish - Getting much bigger and not manageable for one person...but I was one person so had no choice. 12-15 hour days.

2018ish-2021 - I brought in Elizabeth to help with shipping which eased the pain but I was still struggling to keep up with every other part of the business.

2021-2023 - Lisa quit nursing and came in. I hobbled her for 2 years. She helped where she could but I essentially couldn't let much of anything go. She tried but I would just say "I'll handle it" and she got tired of fighting it.

2024 - I realized what an idiot I'd been for the last couple of years and passed her the reigns.

 I obviously already knew how incredible she was, I'd been pining over her since we were 13 years old (that's a story for another day), but I really thought that I was so amazing at this that my shoes would be really challenging to fill. Ha. Ego. What can I say. We all have it and sometimes you don't realize it's controlling your life until you take a step back and see a different perspective. For crying out loud, as I'm writing this basic little post, she's over there working on the book she's writing in her free time. I'm ridiculous. 

p.s. here's proof that I didn't hobble that deer. They were just having a good time on our property...dancing and what not. Oh...if you don't know what hobbling is, you can search the interweb or watch Misery.


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