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Burn baby, burn.

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Burn baby, burn.

In my latest newsletter, I mentioned something about always being behind schedule with production and a long time member of our little community sent an amazing article (I'll link at the bottom). As I told him, it was as if the author followed me around for a week and wrote an article about it...which then led me to the realization that this is pretty common behavior for us monkeys so thought I'd share the link and a little story.

When we were looking up north for homes to buy we knew that we wanted some property to eventually have a mini homesteadish type place. A garden, some chickens, couple of big dogs, archery range, training area, sauna, maybe a pool, big shop, let's throw in a bunker full of pepper type know...a homestead. Anyhoo, we figured 4-5 acres is the minimum. Well, the perfect place only came on 1.5 acres so we had to settle. It's a well maintained, pretty usable 1.5 acres so we figured it would be a good "start". Keep in mind, this is coming from a city kid that has never lived on anything bigger than maybe a few thousand square feet and spent the majority of my adult life in apartments, studios, a converted garage for a couple years. You country folk likely know where I'm headed with this. 1.5 acres is HUGE when you're trying to maintain it.  During the holidays, my stepdaughter and I decided to hack down a bunch of these insane "bushes" that grow like weeds and look like trees. Some kind of red berry bush or something. What that left us with was an insane pile of brush that I now get to burn. I say GET to burn because that was a highlight only a couple of months ago, now it's a chore. I had it on my list all week and finally decided to get to it on Thursday because we had rain coming on Friday again. No problem, I'll knock out a burn for a few hours and then get to the shop. I figured start at 9 am, finish at noon, grab some lunch, get back to turning tops. I had to call it quits around 5pm because I was losing light, I felt like I just finished a marathon and I'd hardly eaten all day. There goes Thursday and still have a huge pile to burn.

I've come to the conclusion that I don't have time to do burns. I either have to hire someone to burn or stop hacking down red berry "bushes". No clue how I'll find time to build that bunker.

This article made me feel better about it. Thanks again for sharing M.

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