A $57 top?! A public response to a 1 star review.

I received an interesting product review the other day. You won't find it under the $57 EDC Top because it wasn't written by a customer. That's correct...he wrote a 1 star review about a product that he doesn't own. That said, I'd be remiss if I didn't share his scathing review with you. Here you go...

Title: Joke

Summary: $57 for a top? Whoever buys this is down right stupid.

I do get your point sir but the problem is simple...where you see "a top", myself and a handful of others, see a functional, spinning sculpture that I made with my hands and a machine. I put time and love into these pieces and create them for those who love them. It's clearly not for you just like many things in this world are not for you. I can play that game all day long. The game where you judge the cost of something that you don't see the value in. $2000 for a Louis Vitton wallet!!?! I can actually be pretty good at it. This game is silly sir and will drive you crazy. This online world of ours is seemingly infinite. I suggest you spend more time browsing the items that you appreciate and less time on the items that you don't. You'll likely find more peace in your day.

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