We hope this list of questions is helpful but please never hesitate to write with any questions.

email: info@jllawsonco.com

What's your guarantee/return policy?

You can return anything, no questions asked, for the first 30 days but we guarantee our products for lifetimes so if there is a problem after 30 days we will fix it, refinish it or exchange it if needed.  The exceptions are the one of a kind brass tops.  Brass is a soft metal and can ding easily so please treat them with care i.e. don't spin them on hard, rough surfaces like concrete and do your best to never drop them.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes.  We currently offer priority USPS shipping for international orders.  Please be aware that the shipping times will vary due to customs and we are not responsible for extra VAT charges (check with your local post office before ordering).  They can choose to hold on to a package as long as they please.  There is also no tracking information on either option once it leaves the United States.  If you're interested in a different shipping option with tracking please contact us before placing your order.

Why isn't Express shipping an option at checkout?

The majority of our products are made to order so we don't have express shipping as an option to save confusion.  If you are interested in purchasing an item that we have in stock and would like express shipping we can make it happen.  Email or call for details.

How are the cold rolled steel goods finished?

All of the cold rolled steel goods are treated with a blackening patina to achieve the base.  We then coat each piece with a black metal oil to help prevent rusting/corrosion and finally a metal wax is applied to further prohibit rusting.  Each product will wear differently according to the user.

Will the cold rolled steel products rust?

Rusting is the nature of most steel so, yes, it's possible.  You will find, however, that will fairly consistent use rusting will rarely happen.  Both my dad and I carry a key shackle and a bottle opener and in over a year haven't seen any sign of rusting.

What if my ring doesn't fit?

Ring sizing is a bit of a pain.  Your size most likely fluctuates 1/2 a size so give it a couple of days before giving up on the size you ordered.  If it still doesn't fit you can send it back and we will adjust the size.

What does one of a kind mean?

It means that we just put the metal in the lathe and start turning.  No specs or plan, just turn the metal until it looks good.

Why the long turnaround times?

The majority of our goods are made to order.  When we have down time we try to stock up on popular items but manual machining is a long process so filling up on inventory is a challenge.  We are usually able to get orders done in a week or two but say 2-3 to be safe.

What is manual machining and what makes it better then CNC machining?

Manual machining accomplishes the same thing that CNC machining does.  It's not better, just more time consuming.  Manual machining just means that we are doing all of the math and turning the dials manually as opposed to a computer doing it for us.  CNC machining, however, is just as challenging and we would never take anything away from it. [/toggle]

Where are the belts made?

The belts are made by us right here in the US.  We have a history of leather making skills as well so will be slowly adding more leather to the site as long as we can figure out a way to incorporate steel or brass in the design. [/toggle]


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