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Chemo Coin
  • Chemo Coin
  • Chemo Coin
  • Chemo Coin
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Recently, someone very close to me caught a nasty case of this cancer junk so I was inspired to make him something that he could carry with him during treatment. Generally, I keep my cursing to my personal life but some curses are worthy of publication.

The whole thing is made by hand (machined, stamped, finished) because I believe in the positive energy that's transferred in a hand made piece. Maybe a little new agey but if we aren't made of energy, what are we made of? And if that energy doesn't transfer, where is all of this stuff coming from? I'll spare you more details of my silly beliefs but, just know, that I try to put a positive chunk of myself in every piece.

Some of you might say that I'm exploiting my loved ones disease for my own financial gain. That certainly is one perspective but another might be that my whole point of launching this website was to make pieces that will make people happy or have a positive influence in their lives.

Manually machined from solid brass.

Soothing texture grooves on the flip side.

Dimensions: 1.25" diameter and about .25" thick.

These will be made in small batches. If sold out, please sign up for the notification.

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