The Micro - Hex

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The Micro - Hex
  • The Micro - Hex
  • The Micro - Hex
  • The Micro - Hex
  • The Micro - Hex
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Manually machined from 1/2" solid brass or copper hex rod and press fit with a tungsten carbide ball in the tip for extended spin times and long wear.

1/2" hex

Solid brass or copper

5 grams (you'll barely notice this guy in your pocket)

3/32" Tungsten Carbide tip

Easily achieve 2-5 minute spins on the right surface.  Not too shabby for a 5 gram top that you won't even notice in your pocket!

About this top

When making some dice, I remembered a hex top that my dad made many years ago. Like his micro top, he made it as a joke. It didn't spin well and he didn't pursue a different design. My dad was like that. Sometimes he would try something once and then move on if he didn't feel it was worth the effort. This little guy is another homage to him.

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