Begleri - Mokume

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Begleri - Mokume
  • Begleri - Mokume
  • Begleri - Mokume
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Manually machined, Mokume Begleri Beads.

Hand turned from 5/8" diameter Brass, Copper and Nickel Silver Mokume rod.

5/8" diameter and just under 3/4" long.

Total weight -  app. 30 grams

Your beads will come with a couple of string options that you can cut to desired length.  Folks have different tastes on length of string.  I've found that it's best to start a little longer and work your way down if you like but I'm not expert.  In fact...I'm pretty horrible at it but it's extremely addicting and satisfying once you get a little flipping going.

Some crazy trickery.

I suggest doing a quick search on youtube for "begleri tutorials" to get started.

Begleri origin

Begleri originated in Greece, and originally derived from the Greek rosary or komboloi, which serve the function of worry beads, and are often flipped around to pass the time or keep the hands busy.

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