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Many years ago, I endured some pretty difficult circumstances that would change my life and the lives of those closest to me, forever.  During that period of time, I searched for something that my girls and I could wear or hold onto, reminding us of our love, strength, courage, and bond we share; I wanted the piece to always send a message of hope and a promise that everything will turn out OK.  I never really found anything, and instead, the girls and I made our own matching beaded bracelets that simply said, I love you. Any time there was separation between us, I would individually kiss each bracelet and remind them that they have me with them always. We wore the bracelets until they finally fell off, and now they are kept in a safe place reminding me of the past. 

As a result of one of the darkest periods in my life, the idea of Gemma Raffo began, and after nine long years, the dream has finally come to life. Through the help and support of my husband Anthony, we have created pieces to keep loved ones connected. 

A few years ago, after returning from Italy to celebrate my grandma Gemma Raffo's 100th birthday, the ideas, the pieces, and the name of our business finally came to light.  What better way to communicate love, strength, and connection than with the name of my nonna, Gemma Raffo, who, by the way, will turn 103 this October. 

Gemma Raffo is a brand that has one purpose, and that is to connect and communicate to those you love and say whatever you need to say most, whatever the circumstances.  The pieces enable you to express how you feel, sends a message of hope and strength, and most importantly, are a constant reminder that nobody can ever tear you apart. 


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