• Uncle Marty's peg game

    Around 30 years ago (so I'm told) my uncle made one of these classic peg games for his two brothers (my dad and other uncle) and his father (my grandfather).  I can't imagine how many times I've played it in the last 30 years and it's become a fixture next to the fireplace.  So much so that when I took it out to the shop the other day it was only a matter of hours before my grandmother was asking "where it went off to".  We will now be offering manually machined versions in various metals but they may be few and far between.  They can be time consuming to make and then we have to test them for around three hours so they can easily kill a couple of days.  Find them in the Tops | Games section.
  • Bummer...

    This is what happens when you lose focus.
  • The Perfect Notebook

    Fits perfectly in your back pocket and has a nifty way to track your todo list!  I've tried every option out there but always jump ship after a month or so.  I've been using my Word notebook daily for months now and still going strong with it.  Check out all of the cover options at Wordnotebooks.
  • Lilies


    We were eating lunch last week when my grandma made a comment about finally having lilies this year.  She said that for years they weren't blooming so no lilies.  Then she says "Did I ever tell you about that lily bush?"...The story was that on a trip back to the desert from L.A. my grandma said she want to pull over and get a bouquet of lilies.  Just a bouquet of lilies to put on the table when they got home.  I guess that just didn't seem efficient to my gramps so he decided they would buy the whole bush and plant it in the backyard.  Unfortunately, it took years for the bush to bloom so grams finally got her bouquet of lilies around five years later.

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